Who are we?


This time it’s about you.

For over twenty years I’ve worked in the transportation and logistics business with some of the finest people one could hope to meet.

In the course of my career I’ve also had my share of experiences.  From driving class 8 trucks on the long-haul to working in steaming hot warehouses through the night-shift. I have also owned and operated a Canadian based freight brokerage for 16 years - and counting.  Outside of the warehouse I’ve raised 3 kids, muddled through a tough divorce, and contemplated my own life’s direction more times than I can remember. 

I’m proud of all my experiences because I know I worked my ass off no matter what role I had or what I was dealing with at any given time.

One thing I can tell you for sure, is that most of the media out there is not designed for us.  As a middle-age, 45 year old man, I’m not interested in reading blogs about getting 6-pack abs and I have no reason to compare hotels in Dubai; I want information relevant to me and the questions I have now.  

So many of us are on the brink in one way or another and we should at least know that we’re not alone. Connecting with an unseen community discussing common challenges is a great way for others to relate to the paths we find ourselves on.

We will talk in depth about shipping topics, however this blog is also personal exploration that I want to share with you.  I want to know about people doing things I have never done, telling me things I don’t know - and quite possibly guiding me to places I want to be.

This is a living, dynamic blog that will change based on what is relevant to you - the men and woman I talk with every day.  If it sucks - tell me. I’ll change it. If you want coverage on a certain topic I’ll find it.  Ultimately, I know you don’t have a lot of time, so I’m going to grab what I can with topics you’ll want to read about.  

You were never shy on the loading dock or at the truckstop so let’s keep the conversation rolling.


Christopher Rowland

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